Original Amsterdam Gold 25ml


popper - leather cleaner

Contents: 25ML

Code: 180

These sturdy poppers are infused with the spirit of Amsterdam Gold. This extra potent
formula has been around for more than 20 years and continues to be one of the top
sellers! Amsterdam Gold Poppers have been sold in millions of bottles all over the
world. Its composition is still special. It contains 95% isopropyl nitrite. It does have a
stellar reputation among fans of poppers. The effects of this potent Amsterdam Gold
popper will carry you away into a world of pleasure after use.

More information on Amsterdam Gold poppers
- 25ml poppers bottle
- Propyl nitrite
- Safety cap

Amsterdam Gold: More Than A City, Poppers Too

This item, which is made of propyl nitrite, is a true necessity because of its potent and
aphrodisiac effects. Your sexual creativity will be released, you'll be uninhibited, and
your senses will be awakened. Can you believe that such a tiny bottle could have so
many effects?

Propyl nitrite, one of the formula's stimulating ingredients, as well as essential oils are
used and the bottle's straightforward design is a nod to the homes along the Amstel
River in the lovely city of Amsterdam Gold.

You will rediscover all the feelings you had been deeply burying with the help of this
product. Enjoy all of your whims and desires with a formula like this that includes propyl

One of the most popular types of poppers for the sexiest experiences is the kind that
slowly evaporates.

The original Amsterdam Gold poppers are of the highest caliber and can be used for
either recreational or sexual purposes. They won't let you down and will relieve your

If you already enjoy Jungle Juice or Rush, Amsterdam Gold will be a good fit. You can
purchase it in 25 ml bottles from our online store. You will feel attracted to and enjoy
yourself to the fullest in Amsterdam Gold.

You can rely on Popper4you to deliver your original, potent Amsterdam Gold poppers
quickly and discretely.



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